ACT-100-U® Single Wall Tanks

ACT-100-U® Single Wall Tanks
  • Steel construction clad with polyurethane (70 mils thick)
  • Constructed to UL® 58 Standard
  • EPA approved UST technology
  • Capacity ranges up to 3,000 gallons
  • 30 year warranty against internal and external corrosion (third party)
  • Third party quality control program
  • Flanged manway's available
  • Custom sizes available
  • Multiple compartments available
  • Electrical isolation bushing
  • Striker plate below fill opening
  • On going monitoring of corrosion protection
  • Self test cathodic protection
  • Home heating oil only
SMP Number Tank Capacity Tank Diameter Empty Weight Length Tank Chart Tank Drawing
72U-00300 300 Gallons 38 in. 600 lbs. 60 in.s View Chart View Drawing
72U-00520 520 Gallons 48 in. 775 lbs. 68 in. View Chart View Drawing
72U-01000-48 1,000 Gallons 48 in. 1,300 lbs. 128 in. View Chart View Drawing
72U-01000-64 1,000 Gallons 64 in. 1,400 lbs. 72 in. View Chart View Drawing
72U-01500 1,500 Gallons 64 in. 1,850 lbs. 108 in. View Chart View Drawing
72U-02000 2,000 Gallons 64 in. 2,325 lbs. 144 in. View Chart View Drawing
72U-02500 2,500 Gallons 64 in. 2,775 lbs. 15 ft. View Chart View Drawing
72U-03000 3,000 Gallons 64 in. 3,300 lbs. 18 ft. View Chart View Drawing

ACT-100-U® Tank Installation Instructions (PDF)

PLEASE NOTE: All dimensions and weights are approximate. Individual tanks may vary from these values. Custom tank designs available. Tanks, Equipment and Accessories are sold separately.

ACT-100-U® Single Wall Tanks

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